DIY Succulent Wreath Kit

OUR PRICE INCLUDES FREE NATIONAL SHIPPING! Delivery time is approx 2-5 days after placing your order.

Do you LOVE our succulent wreaths but can't gather up enough self love (and money) required to gift yourself one of these? Well, you are a crafty succer so how about you try and make one yourself? Then maybe you can apply for a job too.

We've put together a kit so you can make our very own Succ a Little Wreath. We've even given you a couple of party pack options too, so if you want you can get the crew together, get some drinks on the table and kick off that festive cheer we all need right now.

Each DIY kit includes:

  • Natural dried willow wreath - roughly 30cm in diameter
  • Florist Adhesive cold glue
  • Green Florist Wires
  • 6 succulents of different varieties and sizes
  • FREE National shipping (excl. NT, WA & TAS due to customs laws - pricks!) 
  • Instructions and video links
  • Propagation pots in our Little Succers tote bag so you can re-pot all of your succulents after Xmas - now THAT'S value and sustainability in one..yum.
  • Gift packaging & xmas card with your personalised message. Packaging doubles up as a 2021 wall calendar 


Caring for your wreath

Hang out of direct sunlight.

Give a spray with water every week leading up until xmas.

Post xmas carefully detach succulents from wreath. Peel away any dead leaves and re plant in pots and soil provided. Soak the soil and let it completely dry out before watering again. Continue to water every 2 weeks and keep out of direct sunlight. After 3-4 weeks the succulent should have grown roots, so you are then welcome to replant to a larger pot.