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PREORDERS FOR MELBOURNE NOW OPEN - Delivery Wednesday 8th November. 


We're big fans of lurrrrrve here at Little Succers and we believe that everyone has the right to SUCC WHO YOU WANNA. So to show that we believe in equal rights for all, we've teamed up with shit hot artist LUKE JOHN MATTHEW ARNOLD to create some limited edition succers for you to send to your friends and family to show your care and support. This isn't just about spreading the love, but a $5 from each prick sent be donated to an Equal Rights charity. 

We're hells yeah in love with Luke's creative genius and these fun AF rainbow illustrations rate a 1000/10 in our book. You've probably seen his totes amaze YAS campaign t-shirts on the streets and in the press lately. We rock ours here at Succers HQ, so if you already haven't, jump on to his site lickety-split and snap one up. 

So, what now? Just add to checkout and enter the lucky recipients details and write your short and sweet message. We will hand write it for you and make sure it is safely delivered within the day. P.S We won’t judge you if you send to yourself.

Order before 11am for same day delivery by 6pm. Orders after will be sent next business day. These boxed beauties are 9cm wide x 9cm tall.

Want to send a succer for like a day that's like not tomorrow? Drop us a note with your desired delivery daz in the message box at checkout and we'll hold off sending your green guy - easy az. 

WARNING! These bad boys can be SHARP. Be careful when taking them out of the box cause a cactus prong to the hand, not fun.