About us

Little Succers

Flowers die. Chocolates melt. Plants are forever.

Gifting flowers is a gifting habit that has been around since the middle ages. Back then, communicating your feelings with words was bad manners, so people gifted bouquets instead. Different meanings were attached to different flowers. Today there are heaps of occasions where flowers are the obvious choice, but WHY are we still gifting something from the middle ages!?  Little Succers is here to challenge the status quo on living gifts because there is one major flaw to this age old tradition…


Something so beautiful, literally withers and dies right before your eyes in a matter of days. The water browns and smells (gag) and then the flies move in and you have to discard this beautiful gift. Succers on the other hand literally last as long as you neglect them (do not over water them) and because they have been gifted, they are an everlasting reminder of that gesture of kindness.

Little Succers is the brainchild of creative agency Dream & Do

You can read the interview on how we started this business here...