Little Succers is for you millennials and tastemakers out there, who (like us) are after the next little thing to gift ya mates.

We were starting to get bored with the same-old gift giving services out there. Flowers die. Chocolates melt. And their predictability kind of takes away from the thoughtfulness, right? Succulents are WAY more original, and pretty much last forever.

We DO love same day gifting though. We are forgetful pricks and ‘time poor’ creatures who have a lot of Netflix commitments and a social profile to keep hot with likes and comments.

Succulents are trending, plus the low maintenance factor avoids death by laziness.

Let’s face it, we never get lunch breaks at work (face plant here), so this little green guy on your desk makes us feel like we’ve been outside for a brief moment.

We’re no Cactus experts, but we know a prick when we see one!

Enter.... Little Succers.

  • A potted succulent
  • Boxed up in cute hand-stitched neon packaging
  • Hand-written card with your personal message
  • Hand-delivered on the SAME day (Sydney & Metro)

For $35

What. The. Succ?

Who’s behind this madness?

Little Succers is a Dream & Do business. Dream & Do is a creative agency for start-ups, business visionaries and dreamers everywhere. In just 2 years, they have worked to help 100+ businesses build their creative brands, so they know their shit.

It was an ordinary Tuesday and creative project manager, Laura, was surfing the net for some succulents for her indoor home garden (concentrate woman!) when she said to founder and creative director, Tara, “Gaahhhh it is so god damn hard to buy succulents online. Somebody should bloody start an online succulent business” To which Tara replied.“Haha imagine if we did Little Succers. Like, you know, those same day flower guys, but succulents.” It was at that moment, that Tara and Laura locked eyes, squinted them a little, and paused awkwardly for 5 seconds. In that moment they both knew they were onto something. A domain name google and a back of the envelope business plan later, they started with what they knew best, a brand. Little Succers is all about taking the piss. Not taking itself, others, trends or life too seriously, because flowers die after all! The dream team started an instagram @littlesuccers to which 5.5k followers organically followed within 6 months, along with a recent corporate order and then, just like that, Little Succers became the real deal. Now, the shop is live for all to enjoy, and their grand plans for this little biz has only just begun. Let’s do this!