How to Build a Terrarium Bauble

Step 1: Empty the charcoal (the black crunchy stuff) into your the base of your terrarium. The vase has no drainage, so the charcoal will absorb any access water at the bottom of your terrarium.
Step 2: Grab your beach sand and use the right amount to cover your charcoal and create a level base at the bottom of your terrarium. Smooth over with your hand or spoon and press down to compact. Take your brush and circle the edges of sand to make the line straight.
Step 3: Open your golden pebbles and use your spoon to put it around the edge of your terrarium. Leave a crater in the middle as this is where the soil and succulent will be going. You can put in as much as you like to create the desired thickness. 
Step 4: Take the soil and spoon some in the middle, about 4cm deep.
Step 5: Empty your succulent and pinch away the dirt from the roots, plant him in the new soil in your terrarium.
Step 6: Spoon in the white pebbles on top of the soil
Step 7: Decorate with the Christmas decorations provided.