Terrariums Care

So you’ve spent some quality time getting dirty and creating your own little ecosystem, bringing a little flora-flair to your home! At Little Succers, we want to ensure that your fabulous terrarium stays looking its best, so here are some great care tips; we suggest you follow them or risk soiling yourself for neglecting to care for your creation! 

Let There Be Light

All plants need light – but to varying degrees. With your terrarium, there’s a fine line between not enough and too much light – a bit like Kim K’s highlighter! Keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight – its glass can act like a magnifier and burn your plants, so we suggest placing your terrarium near a window, where it will be sure to receive some natural light. 

Turn Off the Waterworks

Your terrarium will only need the slightest amount of water to thrive; overwatering will cause rot in your soil, and you can kiss goodbye to your succulents! We suggest using a spray bottle to lightly moisten your succulents and soil. A good rule of thumb is to water your terrarium every 3-4 weeks, as this ensures the soil has had a chance to dry between watering. 

Drop the Dead Weight

We can’t all be perfect, so you may end up with one or two casualties, but it is important that you remove any succulent that is showing signs of decay.  Mushy, brown or even black leaves will mean that your succulent just can’t hold on any longer…rip that succer out right away to ensure the rot doesn’t spread to its roommates. 

Keep it Organic

Your glass terrarium will inevitably get a little dirty, but stick to good old H2o to clean the glass. Cleaning products with harsh chemicals will cause the roots to die quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s career. 

Follow these simple care tips, and your terrarium will be sitting pretty and insta-ready in your home!