Your succer is pretty much good to go, it comes already potted in special succulent soil and has a pot designed to drain away any excess water, but there are two Golden Rules for making sure your succer succs for long times..
    • Succers are sun worshipers, so make sure they’re positioned in a nice warm spot.
    • Spritz your succer good (like really good), then only water it again once the soil is completely dry. The pot is designed to drain out of the base, so make sure your succer is on a little dish or waterproof surface as shit may get messy otherwise. 
Unfortunately, sometimes succers die, it’s sad, but the circle of life (and it rules us all!). Once your succer is delivered, it’s over to you to fulfill it’s succing needs, we take no responsibility for it once it’s left our care.
If you have any questions, drop us an email or social PM and we'll get back to you lickety.