'Succ a Little' Christmas Wreath (Pre-Order)

PRE-ORDERS ONLY - all orders will be shipped Monday 30th of November and will arrive in approx 1-4 days

Not ready to Succ a Lot? Well you can wreath for the stars with this little gem. ‘Succ a Little’ is perfect for the dude who wants to add some festive class to their home. This natural dried willow wreath is decorated with 6 (approx) perfect little succulents all of which can be re-potted once the tinsel has been tidied. Our succists (florist turned succulent artist) like to add their own flair, so each design will be unique to you. Sleigh, bitch.

  • Natural dried willow wreath - roughly 30cm in diameter. 
  • Gift packaging & seasonal card with personalised message.
  • National shipping (excl. WA & TAS due to customs laws - pricks!) 
  • Care instructions
  • Propagation pots and succulent soil in our Little Succers tote bag so you can re-pot after Xmas- now THAT'S value.

 Caring for your wreath

Hang out of direct sunlight.

Give a spray with water every week leading up until xmas.

Post xmas carefully detach succulents from wreath. Peel away any dead leaves and re plant in pots and soil provided. Soak the soil and let it completely dry out before watering again. Continue to water every 2 weeks and keep out of direct sunlight. After 3-4 weeks the succulent should have grown roots, so you are then welcome to replant to a larger pot.

 Every wreath is unique and we cannot guarantee exact design shown. We do guarantee it will be incredible to look at.