10 Succulent puns you need to put on your Valentines Day Cards

10 Succulent puns you need to put on your Valentines Day Cards

Gone are the days of polite, dainty haiku’s on cards (if that’s your jazz, we ain’t judging), and in come the days of funky sketches, dirty jokes, celebrity caricatures and if you’re like us, some downright prickly puns. Show your significant other that R-Rated content isn’t limited to the bedroom; here are 10 puns that need to make an appearance on your V-Day cards this year. 

Let's get succed up

  1. My life would succ without you 
    A classic at best.

  2. Happy Succing V-Day

  3. Let’s get SUCCED up!
    Whether it’s on expensive bottles of champagne or choc. Dipped strawberries, definitely a day fo succing up.

  4. A Succ for a Succ.
    We’re all about equality here. 

    A succ for a succ
  5. I prick you!
    Out of all the succers out there, you’ve found your one

  6. Aloe-ve you

  7. Cacti + Cactyou =  Cactus
    When you’re ready for the next step

  8. Chicks before pricks
    For all your galentines out there!

  9. I’m so thorny for you

  10. I’ll never desert you
    There’s no sweeter declaration of love. 

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Karina Arora