Because Roses Die: Why you should get dirty with your partner instead this V Day

Because Roses Die: Why you should get dirty with your partner instead this V Day

While the dreaded Valentines day celebrations might be an awful cliche, there’s nothing wrong in celebrating your love and letting someone know your life would succ without them.

This year we’re suggesting you take the unconventional route and plan a fun date instead. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - because flowers die. 

Couples at our Build Your Own Terrarium Bar

Why Roses succ... 

There’s that little thing called ‘the environment’

Let’s talk about the biggest reason - succulents and cacti are sustainable. 

If you didn’t know about this already, the Department of Agriculture and Water estimates that over 10% of cut flowers sold in Australia are imported. This percentage was reported in 2019 and has definitely gone up since. The flowers come from all around the world - Africa, South America and Asia, with a carbon footprint that can’t even be determined. To put it into perspective, about 80% of the world’s roses come from South America or Africa. 

Once the flowers are harvested, they’re grown/stored in heated or refrigerated warehouses, then transported by large trucks to the aircrafts. Plus since they’re not edible, they’re sprayed with a bunch of chemicals to keep them looking fresh and free of pests. 

Consider all this the next time you buy your partner a bunch of roses (that will probably wilt in less than a week). 

If you’re all about the flower power, why not think about buying native, locally grown flowers? Or take our advice and opt for a little succer (like a beautiful echeveria which looks like a flower) and will last you much longer. 

Couples at the Build Your Own Terrarium Bar

You can’t ‘do’ roses together.

We think Roses are kinda old fashioned and very one way. Usually one person misses out. Relationships involve two people and that’s why building a terrarium is a much more inclusive way to celebrate your love. Get your hands dirty in our Terrarium building bar, and watch the little memento of your relationship thriving and living its best life. You can try your hand at a plant baby before a real life one.

Create something together at our Build Your Own Terrarium Bars and take home some great memories and real living thing.

Book one of our weekend workshops ( Dates and tickets can be found here), or if you’re indecisive like we are, just buy a voucher for two tickets and add some credit to spend on the day.

Happy V Day Succers :)

Couples at our Build Your Own Terrarium Bar




Karina Arora