Our top 10 ways to style your home with succulents

Our top 10 ways to style your home with succulents

Did you know there are about two thousand different species of succulents? (talk about variety). Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, these glossy little plants are easy to care for, and add that little pop of green to any corner. Even if you can’t actually buy a house because you’re eating too much avocado on toast, succulents are quite inexpensive and can be propagated so you get more bang for your buck. Here are our top 10 ways to style your succulents..

1. If your table doesn’t succ, you’re doing it wrong 

Yes all those fancy flower arrangements look stunning, but they’re expensive and you’re essentially counting down the days till they droop.
Instead, buy a beautiful wooden planter, or a glass box if that’s your vibe, fill it with soil, pebbles and little succers. If you’re still missing the flower element, why not get  a Christmas cactus or ice plant - it’s the best of both worlds. 

Image credit The Spruce

2. Transform your work/study space 

2020 was a big year for working or studying remotely. While different articles talk about the importance of converting your space into a mini home office or school, a little burst of green can brighten it up considerably. Also great if you need to give your eyes a break.

3. Brighten up the throne room 

A humid bathroom is a great spot for some varieties of succulent plants as they thrive in moist environments. Aloe vera and Echeveria are good options as they don’t need much sunlight and like the indoors. Be sure to crack open a window after a steamy shower so your succulents aren’t exposed to too much moisture.  

4 and 5. Good times with pot(s) 

A DIY project and great way to flex those creative muscles, paint a pot, plant a little succer, and viola - a cheap decor idea that’s fun and won’t break the bank. Customise your pot, paint with your friends, make a mess, sky’s the limit. Shop our Iso Succs paint and plant kit here.

5. You could also repurpose Mason jars, old tea cups, water or wine glasses to do the same. 

6. Window pain 

A window ledge with indirect light, is the perfect place for your succulent plants. Make sure you’re not getting the pricklier plants, no one wants to be stabbed in the hand while reaching across to open a window.

7 and 8. Wall hangings or Hanging planter 

We love this DIY idea from CraftBerry Bush that repurposes bits of driftwood into beautiful nature inspired wall hangings

Hang a little terrarium or planter if you’re low on space.


9. Centrepieces

Just like every fancy Hollywood wedding ever, a table with a beautiful centrepiece adds a touch of style. Perfectly at home on an old fashioned table or modern living room, pick a versatile material like wood or concrete that won’t look out of place in any space. 

10. Wreaths

Who says wreaths are just for Christmas? While succulent wreaths are a great way of bringing about (sustainable) holiday cheer, they won't look out of place on your door the rest of the year either. 















Karina Arora