As Seen In 'Time Out Melbourne'

As Seen In 'Time Out Melbourne'

We are succing loving the recent write up on our DIY Terrariums in Melbourne's, Time the article here... below or read it on their site here

A succulent delivery service is doing DIY iso terrariums.

We’ve all been there. It’s late at night and you’re crawling through your neighbour’s garden, trying to snag a piece of that one glorious succulent that’s about as big as your ever-present uni debt. You’ll inevitably return with one sad little leaf that you will probably kill because the laws of horticulture are a cruel and unusual mistress. Thankfully some super-cool people with some super-green thumbs are here to help.

Little Succers is a succulent delivery service for those of us who need some nature in our lives but are too incompetent to look after anything more than a plant designed to survive in the desert.

Bored in iso? Little Succers has plenty of plant-based projects, from pots you can colour in to build-your-own terrarium kits. Delivery is free Australia-wide. The terrarium kits come with the container itself, soil, sand, charcoal, coloured sand and pebbles, decorations and miniatures (like an adorable tiny toy flamingo), mini gardening equipment, instructions and of course, succulents.

Your delivery comes potted in a special, succulent-loving soil, meaning you’d have to really go out of your way to kill them. We recommend hitting up their website for tips to care for your new green friend as you begin to move on from your dark, checkered past of plant ownership.

You can order succulents for yourself, and they also make great gifts. The plants come with cute, raunchy gift cards, like "Happy succing birthday" and "Life would succ without you". 


Tara Shelton