How much light do Succulents need?

How much light do Succulents need?

It’s a weird comparison (unless you’re a prick, don’t like water and social isolation is your vibe) but just like humans, succulents thrive when it’s warm and they have plenty of light. So, let’s continue this comparison game and talk about the different types of succulents - the introverts who like the indoors and prefer it that way, and the extroverts who just wanna have sun.

Indoor vs Outdoor succulents

The first step when choosing the perfect little succer for your home is to do your research to understand which plants do well under different light conditions. Some succulents prefer harsh light for longer hours, others prefer less light and would thrive in places like your living room table or bathroom (away from a direct source of light). 

The weather and climate of where you live are the largest contributing factors. Succulents love a dry, mostly arid climate - their origins are from deserts after all. But what makes these little cactus plants so special is that they can grow beautifully indoors and outdoors too! There’s definitely something for everyone. 

Let there be light!

Well, your indoor succulents might be introverts, but boy, they love baking in the sun.

Succulents love the sun. So much, that they need about 6-8 hours per day, but are prone to sunburn in direct sunlight. Shade (in the form of a sheer curtain or window) is their sunscreen and SPF. 

Because of inconsistent light indoors, your little succers are likely to mature slowly. Be warned, over time, your plants can discolour, tilt towards the direction of the sun or have stunted growth. Pretty similar to what would happen if you were shut up indoors for weeks - eventually you’d go looking for a hefty dose of Vitamin D too.
Outdoor succulents tend to grow more freely as they have access to sunlight and water too. These are pretty low maintenance; an occasional bit of TLC will do them good.
Our favourite introvert and extrovert succulents are - 

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Aloe Vera

Despite being world famous for its multiple healing properties – a soothing ointment for burns, bites or scratches, our beloved Aloe Vera plant is an introvert. Perfect if you’re looking for a little succer, place them in a well-lit spot, they do well in bathrooms too as they like a humid environment. Don’t let their soil dry out completely or they will start to wither. 


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Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail palm hails from Mexico and loves a dry climate. Their thick base, reminiscent of a tree trunk, stores water for future use, making it perfect for any plant parent who goes on recurring business trips. Be warned, this is a large succer and grows best outdoors, or in deep pots if you have high ceilings. 

Of course it goes without saying, research is key when picking the perfect plant for your home. The good thing is, with thousands of varieties available, you’ll totally be spoilt for choice!

Karina Arora