How do I know when to water my Succulents?

How do I know when to water my Succulents?

Now we know what must’ve crossed your mind after reading the heading of this blog “Wait I need to actually do something to keep my succulents alive?”.

While these little succers might have the reputation of being as indestructible as The Rock in (all) his movies, you can risk under or overwatering them.

 It’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve, especially if you’re a new plant parent. Luckily it’s not as hard as feeding an actual child, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Under watered vs overwatered succulents

Know how you feel after a night of drinking and wake up parched the next morning?
Your skin and hair look tired, your mouth feels dry and everything just looks dull and drab - yup, It’s the same with a dehydrated succulent.

Here’s what to look for:

Brittle or dry

Succulents, like all cacti store water in their leaves, stems and tissues. They use this reserve water as needed, and can withstand dry and arid conditions (think stranded in the middle of WA), but do need to be watered occasionally.

A dehydrated plant will start by drying up and turning brittle. Look for dry leaves closer to the base ­– they often start to drop off to conserve water.

Image courtesy Leaf and Clay

Shrivelled leaves

Every once in a while, your little succers will need a leaf lift. While the solution is much cheaper than botox, keep an eye out for wrinkled, droopy or wilting leaves.

Berocca buddies

No we’re not suggesting you actually give your succulents berocca, but think of a situation when you would take it yourself. Flat, discoloured leaves are signs your plant is under watered. It will lose its glossy and firm texture, and the leaves will feel stiff and hard.   

Image courtesy Succulents and Sunshine

Look for the little white flags (roots)

Essentially, these little white or pink roots start to spring out of succulent stems rather than the soil. Like many succulent under watering signs, the purpose of aerial roots is to collect water from the air.

On the flipside…

Just like those days when you don’t know if you’re tired, upset or just hangry; an under watered plant might be as huffy as an overwatered succulent

Some tell-tale signs are soft leaves, a mushy texture and wrinkled skin.

How to save your new plant baby

Now this is why we love these mini cactus plants.

It’s better to under water your plants as it is easier to fix a dry plant compared to one that is drowning. Keep a check on your succulent moisture meter (aka your eyes and fingers). A rule of thumb to water indoor succulents every two weeks or so – but if you find them drying, maybe try and water them every 10 days.

Remember, the idea behind buying a succulent is because they’re (kinda) immortal. Just like you listen to your body, listen to your little succer (wink wink), it’ll let you know when it’s thirsty or in need of some TLC.

Image courtesy Succulents Box

Karina Arora